Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Postings and updates on portfolio

Hi to all dear friends and readers,

I received some well wishes and comments from some of you and will post my replies here.

  1. I will have half yearly updates on my portfolio
  2. There will be discussions on the positions as and when I'm analyzing it
  3. My updates will be written on a best effort basis, including market updates and analysis
  4. Please note that I do not use analytic tools like Bloomberg  and Reuters etc so everyone is free to discuss ideas and/or worldly matters
  5. Last but not least, I am not exactly doing this full time but I do hope that will happen one day

Thank you and happy investing!


Xiaozhuang said...

Merv, just realise that you don't have a chat box? Like a FB wall? Do more US securities... will pay for good info haha


Mervyn Teo said...

Good suggestion.
I realized chat boxes lag the blogs a fair bit and to reduce the amount of chat like discussions, I decided not to implement it.

US side wise, it has been tough since my existing brokerage accounts charges high brokerage fees and holdings charges and yet doesn't give a lot of leeway for participating in corporate actions.

On the flip side, having a US brokerage account like the one you are using or ETrade, Charles Swabbs etc is better but I have to wire money and expose myself to foreign exchange fluctuations which is non ideal at the moment since I am not that big on US yet. Perhaps an institutional prime brokerage account will solve the issue.

I think it is possible but lets see how it all goes.Planning and taking one step at a time.


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