Tuesday, June 28, 2011

On the right track

Most of the portfolio holdings were resistant to the decline except for World Precision. I guess holders were trying to take profits. Fundamentals intact and not fudgy like other S chips. Only time will tell if this firm is foolproof from the S chip debacle.

The use of certain business and psychological indicators did help warn about the decline in the past 2 weeks and usage is rather satisfactory, I shall stick to it and see how it performs over time. Right now, the portfolio is a third in cash atm.

Did not buy into Marathon Oil, ex date was yesterday 27th June 2011. Its splitting into MPC and MROx, the refinery and E&P arms respectively. This is unique since combined entity is undervalued. I was not able to explain why the firm is at such low valuations though so I stayed clear.

Lastly, spoke to a few fund people on some control investment ideas. Hope I will be able to work on the deals and be involved. Best if I can own a stake in it :)



    Stay on track.

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