Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dapai international (FP1 SGX)

Hi all, ill write a short post today as I am under the weather.
I am starting a negative view on this firm (formerly named Zaino bags) and I have mentioned this firm on the blog before on they cash sucking abilities given the following:
  • They make luggages and bagpacks and is based in China, Fujian
  • 9 June 2011 - 1 for 4 rights at $0.08 per share, 43% discount to market price of $0.14 to raise RMB 100m despite their cash hoard
  • Major shareholder has 51.5% stake 
  • Super normal profit margins and return on investments, both in high 20+% when average is 5-10%/ <15% ROI
  • Additional expenses from opening 500 new stores (RMB 230m) and prepaid rental (RMB 160m)are depreciated/amortized on a 5/2 year basis straight line. Seems odd that prepaid rental is amortised and depreciation of stores is over 5 years and why the sudden 500 stores?. (Massaging figures)
  • May 2010 - raised S$11.8m in new share placement of which S$2.5m or 21% was spent on exploring secondary listing opportunities - which failed subsequently. 
    • This was when firm has cash of RMB 552m and debt of RMB 24m 
    • Interest earned on cash is sub 0.1% when China interest rate is much higher 
    • 2010 dividend paid out was about S$10m
    • (Whats going on??)
  • Net cash of RMB 504m or $0.0965 per share vs. NAV of $0.37 per share (Too cheap to be good)
  • Firm paid dividend per share of RMB 0.088 / 0.063 in 2009 and 2010and committed to pay only 10% of profits


Isaac said...


I did 2 posts on dapai as well.

good to see another person doing an analysis of this counter.


Anonymous said...

Smell a rat, usage of funds does not add up. RED FLAG!

Anonymous said...

Hi what do you think about Changtian Plastic & Chemical Ltd. Is it similar to Dapai?

MTH Investments said...

I would think it is similar. Several red flags have been up. More importantly there have been institutional weakness on that part.

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Nice going

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