Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mid May Post

Recently managed to squeeze out time to resume on my reading/learning.

Some notables: 

"Opportunities don't come to people who don't take absolute risk, who don't put away two or three or four years of their life. They don't come to you with a wife and kids in the suburbs. You can't be successful unless you accumulate a little bit, and the only way to accumulate is to live on nothing."
- Richard John Siemens

"Investing can be very lonely, especially if you are a contrarian. You have to have a point of view, to have a belief and see something that other people don't. A lot of times you see something that other people don't, there's nothing there and there are other times when there's something there and the question is whether is it worth to invest your time and money in it.
- Eddie Lampert (Richard Rainwater Legacy)

My thoughts are:
So true yet so hard for people to accept logical approaches that goes against the grain of human psychology.


investment in bamboo said...

Absolutely correct. In investing we are driven by emotions, and its so hard to go against these feelings.


Great sounding company.

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