Friday, September 30, 2011

Koon updates

Hi all, recent market declines while painful, introduces some interesting opportunities and I will be working on them. So far the market has still been ignoring deep value and focusing more on sector rotations. Interesting to note that Koon while traded down in the past few sessions has the following new developments.

  1. Just got $53.73 mm in precast contracts, total pre-cast book order of $103.4 mm
    • Growth of this segment is particularly fast given it was started only mid-late in 2010
  2. Recent $40.1 mm rehab project at Tampines Landfill site, total construction book order of $128.3 mm
  3. 67.8% stake in Tesla Holdings now has first power plant in West Australia up , 9.9 MW
  4. Still has the US 160mm Sao Bien Port project in Vietnam 
  5. Liquid assets and securities at $22 mm
All these at a market cap of under $40 mm, unbelievable? I think so too. I couldnt help but bought some today.  


Penny Stock Investing Blog said...

I would like to comment about open table new issues are almost always bad investments the vast majority of these stocks are way over priced on purpose. I always recommend that investors stay away from these stocks and with the exception of stocks trading under 1 dollar that traded on the over the counter bulletin board or pink sheets. that if they decide to buy penny stocks they should stay with stocks trading between 1 dollar and 5 dollars a share that trade on the new york stock exchange or nasdaq. and only buy stocks that have up to date complete financial infomation available. apple computer was trading at only 5 dollars a share in 1998 today the shares trade at 340 dollars a share. and ford motors stock traded at just 1 dollar a couple years ago. today the shares trade at 16 dollars. their are many stocks today that once traded under 5 dollars a share. I think carefully chosen stocks under five dollars sometimes can be great great investments unlike stocks that are new issues.

MTH Investments said...

Agreed, coupled with a small base effect. In asia, especially with strong currencies, we do have a majority of stocks with smaller trading denominations (i.e those <s$1) or the converted currency value.

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