Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Portfolio report for 1H 2010

1H 2010 was packed with much activities, mostly macro economic happenings.
I was spending an abnormally large amount if time trying to find means to expand ways to execute my ideas. My main concern with equities and across the board inflation still lies the same as prior months. It seems there may lie a period of low returns from equities in the near future.

31 May 2010 Portfolio details 
  • 78.6% cash position, dividends added approx 8.0% 
  • Total 4 equities positions 
  • Biggest loser was Roxy which is approx 3.6% of portfolio
  • Biggest gainer is an investment holding firm which has yielded good dividends 14.9% of portfolio
  • Portfolio performance is flat versus a decline in STI of 5% 
I included the STI for relative comparison and the relative out performance is meaningless if we are to look at absolute performance. Roxy remains firmly undervalued in my view with assets far over their current market cap, even excluding the development projects. I suppose people are shunning it for their lack of stable dividends and understanding of their hotel cum development businesses.

The investment holding firm was bought on a basis of low price to book with cheap operations and I will update upon exiting the position. The last position is in a traditional manufacturer with a large cash position and recurring cash flows.   

The portfolio was started around late March and I am definitely not satisfied with the performance even though the short span of time. I look forward to focus my efforts to investments after I have settled the various miscellaneous activities currently ongoing.

Lion Asiapac was not included in the portfolio as it was purchased prior to the setting up of the blog.



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